GRADIA Standard Set

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GC America # 001517

Benco Product # 3338-818

Product Line: 8110 - CURING LIGHTS - HALOGEN

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Product Details

GRADIA is an indirect restoration system for crown and bridge, inlays, onlays and veneers. This product is an advanced 'MFR composite'. Its internal structure consists of reinforced bonds between an organic/inorganic filler and a lightly-filled matrix resin which together impart a very high mechanical strength while being 'gentle' on opposing teeth. 6 Shades - GC Gradia Gum Opaque GO11-2.4 ML - GC Gradia Gum Opaque GO13-2.4 ML - GC Gradia Gum G21-2.9 ML - GC Gradia Gum G22-2.9 ML - GC Gradia Gum G23-2.9 ML - GC Gradia Gum Body G24-2.9 ML

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