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Product Details

Denta-Cool™ mouthpiece is a unique and ergonomic oral cryotherapy device. This FDA registered medical device provides relief to dental patients after oral surgeries, teeth removal, dental implant procedures and maxillofacial surgeries. By using the well-known method of cryotherapy as a natural, non-opioid pain reliever, Denta-Cool™ helps manage and reduce post procedural pain, swelling, inflammation and discomfort for dental patients. Cryotherapy (also known as cold therapy) has been used for centuries to heal the body naturally by activating its internal healing powers. Denta-Cool™ oral cryotherapy device lowers the temperature at the site of the dental procedure and constricts the blood vessels, reducing swelling and inflammation. It also numbs the nerve endings to bring immediate relief to any pain. It provides more comfortable and better relief from oral pain, swelling and discomfort than external ice packs without a prescription and no prescription drugs. Now dental professionals and maxillofacial surgeons can improve the quality of care they provide to patients after invasive dental procedures. Denta-Cool™ can be directly applied to the source of oral pain and swelling. The mouthpiece was ergonomically designed to engage with the entire oral cavity from the inside and provide continuous cooling for the mouth to reduce oral discomfort due to post procedural pain and swelling for dental patients. It stays flexible even while frozen and seamlessly contours to the shape of the oral cavity. It can be used at home for several days following the procedure and can be refrozen and reapplied multiple times. Ready to use any time for up to one (1) year. Use Denta-Cool™ to reduce oral pain and swelling until the side effects from dental surgery disappear.

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