Note: This chair is NOT fire retardant and can only be sold in the state of California if the building is equipped with a sprinkler system. • Standard height adjustment • Tilt limiter with Seat Angle Adjustment • Fully adjustable • Non-upholstered arm pads • Fixed Seat Depth • Triflex 2 polymer back • Adjustable lumbar support • Graphite Base and Frame • Black carpet or hard floor casters • Graphite Triflex 2 Polymer Back • Black arm pad finish • Graphite Airweave 2 suspension Seat Material • Not Fire retardant. This chair has 2 backrest options. The Butterfly Back™ creates an intelligent support structure for the user's entire back. It utilizes a new method for merging a fabric layer with flexible polymer shell. The TriFlex™ 2 back is 100% polymer, no fabric, with a similar design that offers flexible and continuous support. These options, combined with the new loop spine design and passive PostureFit® sacral support allow for a new level of personal contouring and micro-motion support, with the Butterfly Back offering the highest level of comfort. The AireWeave™ seat-suspension material is lightweight and breathable and evenly distributes the user's weight over the seat of the chair. The chair's Harmonic™ 2 tilt provides continuous balance and lets the body recline naturally, pivoting at the ankles, knees, and hips. The chair has a 5-star base offered in two design profiles and 3 height-adjustment options. The low-height option has a seat-height range of 14 3/4" to 19"; the standard-height option has a seat-height range of 16" to 20 1/2"; and the extended-height option has a seat-height range of 16 3/4" to 22 1/4". Tilt options include a standard tilt, tilt limiter, and tilt limiter and seat angle. The tilt limiter allows the user to set the tilt range to limit the amount of recline. The tilt limiter and seat angle allows the user to set the tilt range and select a 5° forward seat angle. Back support options include a standard fixed lumbar version and a user-adjustable lumbar support version. The adjustable lumbar support adjusts 4 1/2" in height and 1" in depth. Both back options include passive PostureFit at the base of the back, below the beltline, that helps achieve healthier posture and improved lower back comfort. The chair's Butterfly Back is specified with a Latitude™ fabric color that corresponds to the polymer back shell colors. The applied fabric is on the front side of the backrest and allows flexible support and airflow. Fabric cannot be applied to the chair's AireWeave seat. Seat options include a 16 1/4" fixed seat depth or a FlexFront® seat depth that allows the user to adjust the seat depth from 16 1/4" to 18". Arm choices include no arms, fixed arms, or 4-dimensional adjustable arms that adjust the arms 5 1/2" vertically, 1 1/8" horizontally, 2" front-to-back, and pivot the armpads 20° outward and 20° inward. Note: Chair is tested and warranted for use by persons 350 pounds and under. Note: To order chair knocked down, specify MRF2. Pricing same as fully assembled chair MRF1. Note: For information on casters and glides, see Casters and Glides in

Mirra 2 Chair Graphite frame, Graphite Airweave 2 Seat Material Not Fire Retardant

Estimated Ship Date 7/31/19 - 8/9/19



Mirra 2 Chair Navy/Fog/White Not Fire Retardant

Estimated Ship Date 7/31/19 - 8/9/19