QuickSplint, Easy-to-Use Temporary Dental Splint

QuickSplint is an easy-to-use interim dental splint designed to for use for up to 4-6 weeks. It can be fabricated quickly and easily in the dental practice and provided to the patient immediately, at low cost, without waiting for lab fabrication.

QuickSplint works similarly to an anterior deprogrammer, preventing contact between posterior teeth, interrupting occlusal memory, allowing for condylar seating, unlocking interference, and allowing the pericranial musculature to relax and recover. Unlike most anterior deprogrammers, QuickSplint disperses forces across eight anterior teeth instead of two, making the splint more comfortable and stabilizing for the patient.

There are multiple applications for QuickSplint across dentistry including: treating acute jaw pain, as a protective and stabilizing splint (post perio, implant, or other oral surgery or long restorative procedure), as a deprogrammer, and as a transitional appliance. A unique property of QuickSplint is that wear marks from clenching and bruxing are recorded on the QuickSplint, making it a robust tool for diagnosing parafunctional bruxism.

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