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Aligners, patient take home supplies to make sure patients are compliant, and everything in between. If you need something aligner related, Benco has you covered. In this procedure we'll cover: Step 1: Records -Impression (Digital & Traditional) -Photo Series -Panorex Step 2: Treatment -Patient ...

Items Needed

  • Aligners
  • Scanners
  • 12 more ...

Benco Marketplace

Here you can find products being offered on Benco Marketplace!

Items Needed

  • Paperplane Therapeutics
  • Cool Jaw
  • 7 more ...

Benco Office Supplies

Benco office supplies has all your office essentials; paper towels, beverages, ink & toner, fans, filters and more…

Items Needed

  • Paper Towels
  • Fans, Heaters, and Air
  • 4 more ...

Class II Restoration

A Class II restoration is the most common of the six different procedures. A Class II has to recreate the natural contour of the tooth, the corresponding proximal contact and match the shade of the tooth being repaired. Steps in a Class II Restoration • Preparing (trimming) the tooth • Acid etchi...

Items Needed

  • Preparing the Tooth
  • Etching the Enamel and Dentin
  • 3 more ...

Hygiene Procedure

Oral disease prevention begins with proper and thorough dental hygiene. Benco Dental is your one-stop-shop for all things hygiene! We also offer items you can re-sell from your office to continue effective patient treatment between visits and maximize office revenue.

Items Needed

  • Power Brushes
  • Manual Brushes
  • 12 more ...

PRO-SYS®45D Bundles

Create your own bundle! Pick your brush, floss, paste, bag, and more! Provide patients with the necessary tools and supplies to maintain their oral health at home. By providing patients with these bundles, dental practices can promote and encourage good oral hygiene habits, which can help to preven...

Items Needed

  • PRO-SYS® 45D Manual Brush
  • PRO-SYS® Floss
  • 4 more ...