Periogen Complete Oral Care

If you have a calculus challenged patient...we have the solution!

Periogen stands alone as simply the best, most researched, and effective oral health rinse in the world having just won the prestigious 2018 Edison Award under Health and Wellness as well as an award for our research results at the August 2018 Hong Kong Dental Expo. This is on top of winning the U.K. GHP Biotechnology Award in 2017. We are now award winning on three continents! No other oral care product can do what Periogen does and that is to safely prevent & progressively remove disease harboring calculus buildup with each application. Periogen works best when partnered with dentistry in that patients who are under regular care and cleanings see the greatest benefit.Periogen studies confirm a 45% reduction in plaque and tartar buildup over 4 months when compared to brushing alone. Our formula is gentle, safe and has a mild neutral flavor. Periogen is not acidic in any way with a healthy 7.5 pH and will not harm enamel or dental appliances. We have been the subject of 8 worldwide dental university studies and 15 research publications.

• The Only Product in the World that Prevents and Progressively Reduces Dental Tartar Buildup
• Adds Longevity to Dental Implants, Bridges and Orthodontic Appliances
• Gentle - Most mouth rinses are acidic and can harm enamel over time, Periogen has a healthy 7.5 pH… the same as tap water.
• Safe - Patented Calculus Reducing Formula is made from Ingredients that are in the Food that People Consume Every Day. See Ingredients picture!
• Lowest Cost - 3 ounce bottle makes 3 gallons of rinse at 6.5 cents per liquid ounce. Periogen may be Swished in the Mouth or Applied via an Oral Irrigator

Periogen was made for implants and orthodontia and is safe for kids 6 yrs an older to use.

Our European-Italian Peri-implantitis study concluded: The results indicate that Periogen oral rinse have equivalent plaque inhibitory action to chlorhexidine as a rinse. Similar to chlorhexidine, the plaque inhibitory action of the rinse appears to be derived from a persistence of antimicrobial action in the mouth. Furthermore we reported no side effects during the study, with the additional benefit of no alcohol presence in the rinse solution.

Our U.A.E. Implant study concluded: "This study demonstrates that calculus dissolution based Periogen® mouth rinse provided clinically significant reduction in calculus formation in subjects with zirconium dioxide and titanium dental implants when used twice daily for 6 months as an adjunct to tooth-brushing"

Our Asia-Vietnam Gingivitis study concluded: "Anti-calculus mouth rinse significantly reduced the clinical symptoms of plaque-induced gingivitis compared to 0.12% CHX with no adverse effects".

Our Indonesian Anti-Gingivitis study concluded: "The study proved that anti-calculus mouthwash was effective in lowering all the clinical scores both with and without any professional intervention. However, the optimal results were achieved when combined with professional scaling".

Our USA UNLV Oral Irrigator Periodontal Disease study concluded: After using for 90 days in an oral irrigator, plaque index, bleeding upon probing, and periodontal pocket depth were reduced more in Periogen oral rinse group compared to the placebo. However, no significant difference was found between groups. In conclusion, Periogen oral rinse is significantly better in reducing periodontal disease as compared to just using water flosser alone.

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