Class II Restoration

A Class II restoration is the most common of the six different procedures. A Class II has to recreate the natural contour of the tooth, the corresponding proximal contact and match the shade of the tooth being repaired.

Steps in a Class II Restoration

• Preparing (trimming) the tooth

• Acid etching the enamel (and dentin)

• Applying the bonding agent

• Placing the dental composite

• Curing the restoration

• Shaping and polishing

Preparing the Tooth View All

Step 1: The tooth is prepared for restoration using a handpiece and bur.

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Etching the Enamel and Dentin View All

Step 2: Using a tooth conditioner (acid etch) on the effected area for at least 15 seconds, This will make the tooth look like etched glass.

Applying the Bonding Agents View All

Step 3: Applying a bonding agent on the etched area. This step allows the agent to harden and establish a micromechanical bond with the etched dental surface.

Placing the Dental Composite View All

Step 4: Applying the Composite. Applying layers of dental composite will provides the shape of the tooth. Each layer adheres to the bonding agent and help recreate the tooth to its original form.

Shaping and Polishing View All

Step 5: The final step is to shape and polish the composite filling.

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