X-OMAT BDF Cephalometric Film 8" x 10" Pack of 50


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Carestream # 8021933

Benco Product # 1017-196

Product Line: 3820 - XRAY - EXTRAORAL FILM

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X-OMAT 2 Dental Duplicating film is intended for use in duplicators. Proper safelighting is required in order to produce a sharp duplicate image. Use a GBX-2 Safelight (ruby red) filter or its equivalent in your darkroom to prevent unnecessary fogging of the duplicating film. The safelight must contain a 15-watt frosted bulb and be placed four feet from the film surface. The same recommendations apply to viewing or positioning lights found inside certain duplicators and covers on daylight loaders. They MUST all be equipped with ruby red colored lights; do not use red Christmas lights. These will fog your film. In the case of daylight loaders, use a ruby red filter cover. During exposure, direct contact must be maintained between the radiograph and the duplicating film. Unlike standard dental film, X-OMAT 2 Dental Duplicating film is a direct positive film. Therefore, when increased densities (darker films) are desired, exposure times must be reduced. Conversely, when decreased densities (lighter films) are desired, exposure times must be increased. Duplicators usually control exposure by means of a timer which turns the light source on for a set period of time. As with all film, it is essential that proper processing be maintained with regular replenishment. When using severely exhausted chemistry, the X-OMAT 2 Dental Duplicating film will exhibit color streaks of pink and/or yellow:When using fresh or properly replenished chemistry, these colors will be automatically removed from the film producing a sharp, clear image. This applies to both automatic and manual processing.

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