Ultrasonic Scaler Built-In 30k

Estimated Ship Date 7/13/22 - 7/22/22

South East Instruments # AW30BI

Benco Product # 3462-791

Product Line: 8147 - ULTRASONIC SCALERS

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Product Details

Manufactured here in the USA with only the finest parts for over 45 years, the Autoscaler® is the premier choice for ultrasonic scalers. With its best-in-class warranty which is 6 years for circuits and 2 years for all other parts, the clinician can rely on the Autoscaler® for any routine scaling and all supra and subgingival scaling as well as special periodontal procedures. • Best-in-class warranty, with 6 years for circuits and 2 years for all other parts • Designed to accept and function efficiently with most industry-leading magnetostrictive insert tips • Detachable handpiece assembly attaches to the front of the console for maximum convenience • Water pressure flow regulator ensures there is precise delivery of water during procedures • Automatic tuning circuit provides even power under all load conditions and linear power control allows exact power level needed for patients' needs • Available in retrofit build-in style model that is incorporated into the dental chair and operates from the chair's main rheostat

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