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Sensimatic® 700SE Electrosurge 110V

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Efficient, Precise Tissue Management Simplifying and improving the treatment outcomes of the procedures performed every day in your dental office, the Sensimatic® 700SE cuts faster than a diode laser and produces less bleeding and better visibility¹ of the treatment site than a scalpel. While devices with frequencies above 100 kHz (.1 MHz) can be used for electrosurgical procedures, the Sensimatic® 700SE uses a high radiofrequency (1.4 – 1.7 MHz) to cut and coagulate soft tissue. When used with the appropriate electrode, the advantage of operating at this high frequency is reduced collateral tissue trauma and damage during cutting. In addition to operating at a high radiofrequency, the Sensimatic 700SE’s low-impedance circuitry continually measures the impedance in the tissue at the active electrode (where the tissue contacts the cutting electrode) and adjusts the power as needed to enable stable, consistent passage of the electrode through the soft tissue as cutting depth varies. With a combined 30 customizable settings, (3 for Modes: CUT, CUT/COAG and COAG and 10 for Power), and 7 unique electrodes, you will be able to treat virtually any clinical situation that comes your way. Faster cutting than a diode laser. Monopolar for the precise cuts. 10 power settings. 3 cutting modes; CUT, CUT/COAG, and COAG. Electrode wire can be adjusted to meet clinical contour needs. Operating frequency: 1.4 - 1.7 MHz. Maximum Power Output: 50 watts.

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