Protected Trust HIPAA Email Encryption Package

Protected Trust # 2019-00132

Benco Product # 4902-965

Product Line: 7960 - TECH - SECURITY

Product Details

Protected Trust Email Encryption simplifies sending and receiving any type of protected health information (PHI), such as x-rays and referrals, while maintaining HIPAA compliance. This package includes (1) user license that permits unlimited encrypted messages and works with a slew of email providers. It requires (2) factory identity verification for HIPAA compliance. Provides (7) years of secure encrypted message retention archive with search capability. The audit trail will show when/where/who a message was sent to. It also includes a business associate agreement for HIPAA/Hi-Tech Compliance to guarantee open receipt when a Protected Trust message has been opened and the ability to revoke access to all message. Features: -Mobile Device Identity Verification -Large File Transport Capability (Up to 5GB per message) -Premium Support -Outlook Add-In -Windows Email Client -Mobile Apps

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