cara Print 4.0

Kulzer # 66069095

Benco Product # 5213-396

Product Line: 7682 - 3D PRINTERS

Product Details

cara Print 4.0 is a 3D-DLP printer for additive manufacturing of dental appliances based on liquid photopolymers. Print materials are light-curing monomeric liquids specially optimized for 3D printing and the requirements of the dental applications: • Ortho • Impression Trays • Surgical Guides • Models • Casting • Denture Base Features • Quick: one hour or less to print most restorations. • Precise & universal: meets 3D-accuracy requirments for all polymer-based appliances. • Economical: reduces costs and processing time for many applications when compared to analouge methods, milling and other 3D printers. • Highly aesthetic: smoother, more homogeneous surfaces than competing 3D printers. • User-friendly: simple interface that both beginners and CAD experts can benefit from. • Replicable: A restoration is lost or damaged? Reprint it. Technical Specifications Polymerization technology: Digital Light Projection (HD DLP @ 405nm) Building area: 103x58x130mm Resolution (X & Y-axes): 53.6μm Layer thickness (Z-axis resolution): 30-100μm (varies by indication & speed vs. resolution needs) Average build speed: 50mm/hour (@50μm) Min./Max. build speed: 15-120mm/hour Average duration of 1 print cycle: <1 hour Connectivity: Network or USB Input format: open STL CAD software compatibility: All CAD programs using open STL CAM software: cara Print CAM, included with purchase Printer dimensions: 267x420x593mm Printer weight: 21kg Non-clouding VAT resin trays: 2 included with purchase

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