Nederman Dental Aerosol Suction Solutions

NEDERM # 70602844

Benco Product # 5711-517


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Nederman’s oral extraction solutions offer an effective and reliable engineering control for reducing exposure risks associated with aerosol generating procedures.Our easy to use, aesthetic and proven solution captures the aerosol right at the source, protecting the worker’s breathing zone and preventing migration throughout the room without obstructing the work to be done. Once captured, the aerosol can be safely exhausted and filtered using a medical grade HEPA as required. We know that all dentists offices are not built the same way, so these systems can be configured in a variety of ways to best match the practice’s needs. Features: -These units are independent of the central vacuum system. -Nederman’s extraction arms are known globally for their durability, ease of use and reliability in holding their position. -The ability of the arm segments to be rotated in addition to the joints makes the arm easier to get in the right position. -The FX2 arms quality and appearance match the expectations of a dental office where many alternatives will not. -Independent test results showing the effectiveness of capture. -HEPA filters typically require some type of cabinet requiring inlet and outlet transitions to connect with round duct.The MFS accepts round duct on inlet and outlet reducing cost and footprint. -The MFS filter frame provides a mounting location for the exhaust blower simplifying installation and reducing footprint. -The filtration media is fully contained within the canister so exposure to collected contaminant is minimized during service. •Sealing gaskets are provided for the inlet and outlet of the filter housing -Fans were carefully selected to ensure that they provide adequate airflow (associated capture and transport velocity) across all use scenarios and the life of the filter. -Many competitors publish air volumes that are based on ideal conditions (i.e. clean filters, no extraction arm). Once installed and put in use, the air volume and subsequent contaminant capture reduces. -Proper fan selection will also reduce noise levels and decrease energy consumption. -The system will be at 60 dB or less throughout at the target airflow range of 100 –150 CFM

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