ScanX Duo Touch Digital Radiography System

Air Techniques # J1200

Benco Product # 5812-542


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The ScanX Duo Touch digital radiography system enables the intuitive, efficient and time-saving digitization of PSPs for all intraoral formats, sizes 0-4. Its large touchscreen, easy-to-use interface, and dual slots for simultaneous scanning contribute to this. Thanks to WiFi, the device is exceptionally flexible. This makes PSP diagnostics quicker, more reliable and more convenient with the ScanX Duo Touch. This new scanner only accepts new PSPs: IDX PSP Size #0 (RFID) Pack of 2, Part Number G3620 IDX PSP Size #1 (RFID) Pack of 2, Part Number G3621 IDX PSP Size #2 (RFID) Pack of 4, Part Number G3622 IDX PSP Size #3 (RFID) Pack of 2, Part Number G3623 IDX PSP Size #4 (RFID) Pack of 1, Part Number G3624 Non-Latex

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