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Programat CS6 Furnace 110-240V/50-60Hz

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Ivoclar # 742087BU

Benco Product # 5842-797

Product Line: 8234 - FURNACES, SINTERING

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The Programat CS6 is a combination crystallizing, sintering and glazing furnace. It crystallizes IPS e.max in 11 minutes and sinters zirconia in as little as 22 minutes. It features the world's first vacuum pump built in a sintering furnace, which speeds up programs, enhances zirconia translucency and glaze appearance, and enables user to add-on material for corrective firing. The 55mm firing chamber can easily accommodate bridges and comes with a zirconia firing/cooling tray designed to speed up and control the cool-down process while protecting restorations. This all in one furnace is the all-in-one solution for chairside CADCAM material firing needs. FEATURES AND BENEFITS IPS e.max in 11 minutes, zirconia in 22 minutes Vacuum pump enhances zirconia translucency and glaze appearance, and enables user to add-on material for corrective firing Open system enables user to enter their own programs and use programs of their choosing 55mm firing chamber provides ample space for bridges Includes: Programat CS6 Power cord Vacuum hose IPS Speed Tray Tweezers Temperature Checking Set Starter Kit Network Cable Short Operating Instructions Programat WLAN Kit A-D Shade guide DSA Holder Kit Warranty: 3 year limited warranty, 1000 hours heating elements Non-Latex TECHNICAL DATA Power supply: 110 – 240 V~ / 50/60 Hz Overvoltage category: II Acceptable voltage fluctuations: ± 10 % Max. power consumption: 1650 W Max. current consumption (informative): 16 A at 110–130 V~ / 9 A at 200–240 V~ Acceptable data for pumps of other manufacturers / Max. output, final vacuum: 250 W /max. leakage current 0.75 mA / < 50 mbar Dimensions of the closed furnace: Depth: 494 mm Width: 280 mm / 415 mm (without /with cooling tray) Height: 450 mm / 573 mm (closed/open) Usable size of the firing chamber: Diameter: 55 mm, Height: 40 mm Max. firing temperature :1560°C (2192°F) Weight: 28.5 kg Radio protection /electromagnetic compatibility: EMC tested

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