TelScope Telehealth System: Examine. Capture. Connect. It’s that simple. Includes: 1 TelScope, depressors not included Blades: 5194-701 (#TS102) TelScope Telehealth System is the tool and app combination that allows single-handed, illuminated intraoral examinations and transforms any smart device into an intraoral camera to capture superior quality intraoral telehealth images and videos. TelScope is an affordable, easy-to-use digital health solution and teledentistry solution for patients, dentists, medical professionals, and speech-language pathologists. Includes: • TelScope Telehealth System Illuminating Handle TelScope Telehealth System is a product and app combination. TelScope attaches to your phone or other smart device to allow you to perform a single-handed, illuminated oral examination. The TelScope app lets you capture a superior quality image or video inside the mouth with your smart device. Within the TelScope app, measure, circle and comment on areas of concern in the intraoral image or video. Instantly and securely connect your telehealth image or video with a doctor, specialist, or save it for patient backlogging. Prevent the spread of germs and save time and money. TelScope can be used for: • Telehealth and digital health • Teledentistry • Teleclinic and teletherapy for speech-language pathology • Remote patient monitoring • References to specialists • Parents – save time, money, and prevent the unnecessary spread of germs at clinics • Patient follow-up • Post-operative examinations