HealthFirst’s SM-Z Emergency Medical Kit provides organization and mobility to a practice’s emergency medications, devices, first-aid supplies, oxygen and AED. It is designed for the dental practice that wants to be fully prepared for an emergency that may occur in or near the office. Its contents represent today’s standard-of-care and meet recommendations from the American Dental Association and Dr. Stanley Malamed. The SM-Z organizes its medications and devices into key areas of care, each intuitively organized and labeled for quick access. It features wheels and a telescoping handle for easy transport, which allows the caregiver to arrive, assess and provide care without delay. Contains: Personal Protection •Gloves, nitrile •Safety glasses •N95 Respirator • Microshield® CPR mouth barrier Triage & Assessment •Blood pressure cuff •Stethoscope •Disposable thermometers (2) •Headlamp Medications •Epinephrine auto-injector (Adult) 0.3mg •Epinephrine 1:1,000, 1mg/mL, 1mL ampules (2) •Ammonia inhalants (3) •Flumazenil 0.1mg/mL, 10mL vial •Diphenhydramine 50mg/mL, Carpujects (2) •Diphenhydramine 25mg oral tablets (2) •Naloxone 1mL/0.4mg Carpujects (2) •Nitroglycerin tablets •Albuterol inhaler •UrgentRx® Aspirin 325mg, single dose (4) Medication Delivery •MAD® Nasal-Mucosal Atomization Devices (2) •Carpuject holders (2) •Needles 22g x 1 1/2" (2) •Alcohol wipes (6) •Tape, hypoallergenic paper •Gloves, nitrile (2) •Syringes 3cc (4) •Tourniquet •Betadine prep pads (2) Instruments & Devices •Mayo-Hegar needle holders, 5 1/4” •Curved mayo scissors, 6 3/4“ •Curved Kelly forceps, 5 1/2” (2) •Dressing thumb forcep •Sutures, Prolene 4-0 •Scalpel 15X15WhiteBox Airway, Resuscitation & Oxygen Support •Oropharyngeal airways •Ambu® SPUR® bag-valve-mask resuscitator (Adult) •Ambu® BVM face mask (Child) •CO2 detector •Hand-held suction unit •Yankauer suction tip •Magill forceps, 10” •Adult & pediatric O2 masks, tubing and nasal canula First-Aid •Emergency thermal blanket Cold pack •Optic Pickpac™ eye wash & cup •Emergency shears •First-Aid handbook SMZ-FirstAid Removable First-Aid Kit ANSI Z308.1-2009 Compliant •5 x 9 ABD pads (2) •4 x 4 Gauze pads (5) •3 x 3 Gauze pads (5) •2 x 2 Gauze pads (5) •2" Gauze bandage roll •3" Rolled gauze •Compression bandage •Adhesive bandages, 1 x 3 (16) •Triangular bandages (2) •Non-adherent pads, 2 x 3 (5) •First-Aid burn cream packs (6) •Antiseptic wipes (5) •Alcohol prep pads (5) •Non-aspirin, 2 packs (10) •Aspirin, 2 packs (10) •Antibiotic ointment packs (5) •Hydrocortisone cream packs (5) •Shears •Tweezers •Tape, hypoallergenic paper •Tourniquet •Gloves, nitrile (2) •Treatment tag •Inspection record