Universal Nano-ORMOCER® restorative material. Class I to V restorations. Base in Class I and II cavities. Reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors. Correction of shape and shade for improved esthetic appearance. Locking, splinting of loose anteriors. Repairing veneers, small enamel defects and temporary C&B materials. Extended fissure sealing. Restoration of deciduous teeth. Core build-up. Composite inlays. Pure Silicate Technology: Fillers and matrix are based purely on silicon oxide. No class monomers for biocompatibility (no BisGMA, UDMA, HEMA or TEGDMA ect.) Nano-ORMOCER® technology reduces shrinkage and shrinkage stress by up to 50% compared to composites and leads to outstanding shade stability. Non-sticky consistency for easy handling. Perfect balance of translucency and opacity for natural looking restorations. Easy to polish to a high shine luster. Compatible with all conventional bonding agents. Filler Degree: 84.0% w/w Shrinkage: 1.25 Vol % Shrinkage Stress: 3.71MPa analogous 3-Point-flexural Strength: 132 MPa Modulus of elasticity: 9800 MPa Compressive Strength: 307 MPa analogous Edge Stability: 171.9 N Radiopacity: 305% Al Resistance to ambient light: 198s Water Uptake: 13.4 ug/mm^3 Solubility in Water: ≤ 0.1 ug/mm^3 Curing Depth: 2.71mm/20s Tensile Bond Strength on Enamel: 30.04 MPa Tensile Bond Strength of Dentin: 23.82 MPa Includes: (1) 3g Syringe Shade A1 (1) 3g Syringe Shade A2 (1) 3g Syringe Shade A3 (1) 3g Syringe Shade A3.5 (1) 3g Syringe Admira Fusion x-tra (1) Shade Guide