Welcome to the BluChip Reward Experience.

While some experts suggest that eating the same breakfast every day offers a healthier option, you’ve told us that boring is not always better.

As Benco Dental customers, you value a broad array of choices. So, we’re keeping it interesting with an exciting new look to showcase the rewards you’ve grown to love.

This year, Benco Dental’s Exclusive BluChip Buying Club offers more choices than ever before (over 8,000). Whether you choose items that make your life easier, like free shipping of Benco supplies for one year, free equipment repairs or maintenance, and rebates of Seattle Study Club membership fees, or products that make life more fun, like jewelry, sports and adventure gear, and high-end electronics — we’ve got something for everyone.
Benco Dental’s BluChip Rewards Program is the only customer loyalty club in dentistry that’s customized to bring you the latest trends and sought after styles. It’s all here — the things you want, the places you want to be.

With so many options, you’ll see how finding just the right reward can be more exciting than ever.

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Practices accepting reimbursement from federal health care programs (i.e. Medicaid, Medicare, Tri-Care, or CHIPs)
are restricted from making certain BluChip reward redemptions.

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