Clear Aligners

Aligners, patient take home supplies to make sure patients are compliant, and everything in between. If you need something aligner related, Benco has you covered.

In this procedure we'll cover:

Step 1: Records

-Impression (Digital & Traditional)

-Photo Series


Step 2: Treatment

-Patient Onboarding

-Buttons, IPR, Patient Tools

Step 3: Prevention


Aligners View All

Our aligner options provide everything you'll need to win back patients and attract new ones. You can now offer better aligner therapy that gives you total control of the procedure and provides better results. You'll not only have happier patients, but far more of them.

Scanners View All

Smilers is an open platform that will accept files from a majority of scanners on the market.

Impression Material View All

If you choose not to use a digital impression, Smilers will still accept physical impressions. You can print a pre-paid Fed Ex label right from the portal. Box them up and they're off to New Jersey to be scanned and uploaded for a treatment plan to be developed.

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BluPrint® Premium Automix Heavy Body Purple Fast Set 50ml Cartridge Pack of 2

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Occlusal Mirrors View All

Photos are the last step of the process when uploading a Smilers case. Occlusal mirrors can be used to make sure images are accurate for the staff Orthodontist putting together the treatment plan.

Cheek Retractors View All

While taking those photos, let's keep those cheeks out of the way. With a little help from the patient, and the items listed. This can be accomplished with ease.

Cheek Retractor Small Double Ended Pack of 2

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Extand Handhold Cheek Retractor for Adult Box of 2

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Stainless Steel Double-Ended Cheek Retractor

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Panorex View All

Although it is not needed, it is highly recommended that a pan be uploaded when submitting a case. Having this information will allow the staff Orthodontist to accurately predict root segmentation.

Attachments/Buttons Bonding to Tooth View All

Lets call them what they really are. Small pieces of filling material bonded to the tooth to allow the aligner to grip the tooth. Smilers makes it easy to predict where these have to be by providing an easy to use template. The hardest decision will be what bonding agent you'll want to use.

Attachments/Buttons Bonding to Crown View All

Although it's better to avoid this, sometimes it is necessary. Etching the crown allows for better adhesion of the products mentioned in the previous step.

Attachments/Buttons Bonding to Aligner View All

Similar to putting a button on the tooth, sometimes you'll have to add them to the aligner to help with movement.

IPR [Inter Proximal Reduction] View All

IPR is another variable in the treatment process. It's most commonly used in cases where there is minor crowding to avoid tooth extraction, uppers and lowers don't fit well together and the shape of the tooth may not be ideal for a good side by side placement.

QwikStrip Ultimate IPR Kit Pack of 10

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Patient Take Home Tools View All

These will help with patient compliance and provide a better experience overall.

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White/Unscented Chewies Aligner Tray Seaters Pack of 20

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Clenchy™ Combo Aligner Seaters Pack of 10

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PUL ME Original Clear Aligner Removal Tool only Assorted Colors Pack of 100

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Patient Cleaning Supplies View All

No explanation needed here. A clean aligner makes for a happy patient.

Post Treatment View All

Once treatment is complete, buttons will need to be removed and the rough edges smoothed out. This can be accomplished with a flame bur and polishing discs.

Plus, why not add to the "wow factor" and increase patient satisfaction with one of these whitening treatments?

Retention View All

Retention or the Retainment Phase is critical and can be accomplished in two ways. A retainer is provided at the end of treatment and is similar to a tray used for movement made from a thicker gauge plastic. (Does not have to be worn 20 hours a day) Or, a lingual band can be cemented into place.

Flat Lingual Retainer Wire 60" Spool

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Lingual Retainer Wire .010 x .029 6" Pack of 10

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Reliance Retainium® Superior Brand Bonded Lingual Retainer Wire 10 Strands/Tube

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